Sunday, June 15, 2008

Well, I have tried about 10 times to upload these pictures in order but Blogger isn't playing nicely tonight. So, I am tired of messing with them. I have them up but they are not in order...I'll try to add a little blurb with each one. One other note, I can't remember everyone's name so I'll just put the names of the ones I know...and first ones at that! (gotta protect the innocent ya know).

Here she is, Artist Extraordinaire Katie Kendrick.

Again, Katie is demonstrating a technique , probably painting faces.

This was obviously at the beginning...look at how clean the tables were!

I think she was showing how to transfer images with gel medium. Awesome technique, btw.

My new buddy JanePowell. Another Extraordinary Artist.

Katie showed us how she painted the bird face from a picture of her. So cool...

Katie is helping Mary with her technique.
These two lovely ladies (and quite silly I might add) are from Alabama. Their paintings rocked!
The guy here is David Turner from Spartaburg SC. His project was a little different from all of ours but very creative and gorgeous! He actually used the Kimwipes that I rave about in an earlier blog ( item#300232349329). He waded them up, soaked them in paint & water, stretched them out, dried them with hair dryer -three times and then attached them to a canvas, painted/stamped/collaged several other items to it...and it never tore , ripped or ran away. I'm telling you, these things are an awesome tool for mixed media/fiber art/book making/ name it, they will work in some way.
I'll go ahead and post his project pictures. Look at the texture on the background, that's the Kimwipes. He has (or works at? not sure which) an art store in Spartanburg SC, Art & Frame Store ( Go visit it!
Meow! It's a Turtle Cat...or is that a Cat Turtle?!?
Kristi's girl (that looks a lot like her!)
Wow! Kristi had time to do two paintings!
This is an awesome painting by one of the women from NC (for the summer anyway). It's a pic of her and her dogs. Notice the tapestry of fabric behind the painting...she was going to sew this together later.

I love the little bird! The lady that painted this is a Stamper that said she would definitely be painting and embellishing a journal after taking this class. Great colors!

This is Mary's grandmother, I think...or her aunt? She also had time to paint two people. I love the background color!
This was one of my favorites! Meg Fowler did this. It is a night time painting (unfinished, I took pics early) of a woman that changes in to a tree at night. You should see it in person! She has used a fiber collage for the bodice, stuffed foam under it to create dimension. She added so much fabric and texture after I took the picture, it's unbelievable! I want to see the finished project. Hopefully they will go up on Random Arts website if we all send in pics of them...
Don't you love that hair?! This lady also added a lot of dimension, in fact she added a small basket at the bottom.
Eve! It's Eve with a string of leaves in her hair and skeleton leaves for a bodice! The background colors were beautiful...shimmer and sparkle galore.

Everyone was unpacking their stuff, giving shout outs to the folks across from them. There's Meg (with her hands on her hips).Jane blogged about her at Random Arts blog ( She is an awesome artist!

Notice how the tables got progressively messier...
You can see the very bottom of mine on the table closest to you i this picture. I forgot to take a pic of mine. I'll try to add it later.

This is the wall hanging that Katie used to demonstrate all the techniques on in class. Man, isn't she an awesome artist?

The top two pictures are one of her Art Dolls. Look at the eyes...beautiful eyes, so expressive.

My two new friends, Krisiti and Jane. Love your work guys!
Ok, nuff for tonight.


random notes said...

Hey girlfriend, you did a fab job on your artwork with Katie but I don't see in on your blog? Are you doing the final touches? huh? We need to see it! Can't wait to share more fun times with you at the Believe retreat in Blowing Rock.

Meg Fowler said...

Carol ...

Thanks for the beautiful words about my tree gal. Believe it or not, I'm still working on her! I can't seem to stop adding things!

Wasn't that just the GREATEST class? Katie is a LOVE!!!


katie said...

what wonderful documentation here on your blog of our class together, through your sweet words and photos. Geeze, we sure did create quite a messy table once we got going, didn't we?! just like home :-) 'katie girl' came out awesome too. i'm so happy you were there, Carol, part of it all - and i look forward to seeing you next year for more creative fun!!