Monday, September 8, 2008

Live and Bloom in Full Color

I had a GREAT time!
The project was so much fun and I really loved Kristi & Susan's way of teaching. They are such talented women. It easy to see why people keep coming back year after year to the Retreat.
I'll put up some pictures and try to come back later and add comments. Everyone was so nice and so helpful. The project was a lot of fun...several new techniques to learn that I loved.
I also learned new ways to use products that I already had...that's always great!
I'll take pics of my (unfinished) project later and put it online.
I must add that my friend Paula and I had a blast driving my new little car up there!
I just got a convertible Volkswagen and it was PERFECT for a trip up the mountain.
I got home late Saturday (about 8:00pm) and then Sunday my husband and I went kayaking at Lake Jocasse.
I thought I would be worn out after Blowing Rock but getting back home re-energized me!
We kayaked for the better part of the day, about 5 or 6 hours and then picked up a pizza on the way home.
Today I should be cleaning house instead of typing I'd better get at it!
Enjoy the pictures of the 3rd Annual "Believe In Yourself Retreat" from the Creative Spirit team of Kristi Steiner and Susan Edmondson.


random notes said...

You are quite the energetic one and your pics are great! The feeling of the weekend seems to be captured in it's true creative spirit. Love love love it!

Anita said...

Carol, this is the most elegant workspace I've ever seen. It looks like a lot of fun, too. How do you learn about these wonderful classes and retreats? I hope to see you Tuesday and Wednesday in Asheville.