Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sketching on the Road

When my husband and I go places, he usually drives.
I usually draw.
The South Carolina roads can be very bumpy
which is aggravating while driving
but can provide some pretty cool lines while drawing.
I suppose this could be another example of making lemonade from your lemons, huh?
Anyway, here is a two page Moleskine spread that I started when we backed out of the driveway
headed to Charleston.
I drew some of it while watching a Citadel baseball game
and completed it on the drive home.
This one was done completely on the drive home - notice the jiggly (meaning jumpy) lines.

There is a detour on 385 North going towards Greenville right now due to construction.

You have to go through a little town called Laurens and some really bumpy back roads.

They provided the opportunity for the nifty jiggly lines on the drawing that I could not have obtained any other way.

My friend Liz Kettle (over at Textile Evolution) was in Charleston this weekend as well.

So we all (her family and my husband) got together

and went kayaking in the Charleston Harbor on Saturday.

We had a blast!

If you're ever in Charleston and want to kayak (with or without a guide)

go here - Coastal Expeditions.

These folks are great! And reasonably priced also.


jenclair said... your sketches!

Joanne Huffman said...

Very cool wiggley lines.