Thursday, July 8, 2010

More Sketching

Well, it seems that when you have a broken leg ( dear husband)
and other health issues (dear me) -
you spend a lot of time in doctor waiting rooms...
waiting of course!

I NEVER leave home without my handy dandy sketchbook
and Pitt Artist Pens.
You shouldn't either.
This is a page that I worked on while they were

He got his cast off after 5 weeks of being restrained in one...
Mind you, he is still restrained (are you reading this dear husband?!)
but the cast is gone, gone, gone!
He is still on crutches, with orders to limit his weight bearing to about 20-30%.
But he is healing - which is great!
Thanks for all of the emails and well wishes.
I (well we) really appreciate that.

I'll try to post another finished sketchbook page tomorrow.
Maybe a new piece of artwork as well!
Yep, I completed yet another mixed media collage piece today!
I mounted the piece in another shadow box, with a black background this time.
It really looks so nice with the different background.

Hope that you all are keeping cool in this heat wave in the east.
I'm doing my outside work early in the am
and then late in the pm...
like every other southern resident!

Stay creative, my friends.

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Joanne Huffman said...

I really enjoy your sketches.