Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Book Making Classes

I have taken a couple of Mary Ann Moss's online classes,Remains of the Day and Full Tilt Boogie.

If you into book making, journaling and love scraps of paper and such - you should take them too...

I'll show you the latest book that I made from the binding technique that she teaches in the class.

I love the stitching technique!
If you don't read Mary Ann's blog -you should.
It's a good read.


studiorose said...

Oh, very nice! So elegant and simple. The chain stitch is my new favorite!

Nancy Lynn said...

I am a ROD and FTB classmate and love both of the classes equally. I love your book....simply beautiful and in my favorite colors. You did an awesome job on it.

Pat said...

Love this... like the three buttons too. They go so well with the three rows of stitching.

Bren said...

Beautiful, the stitching is really eye catching. Love mary Ann too