Friday, March 16, 2012

Looking Forward

I'm trying to clear a few layers of rubble from my studio table and get back to the doing what I love to do.
Making art instead of cleaning up packing/unpacking messes.

I'm ready to start working on more ideas for "Art Camp For Women".
I'm teaching a brand new book class that I designed just for Camp!
It's going to be great for people (well, women in this case) that have been wanting to try their hand at bookmaking as well as those that have made a few books.
We're combining three different book binding stitches to create a beautiful handcrafted spine.
My roots are in fiber/textile art so I love being able to see the waxed linen stitching along the spine!
I'll be bringing a lot of different colors of linen thread with me so there will be several colorway options.

We will also be covering several design options for the cover collage. The ladies at Camp will have a ton of supplies (and I bring goodies from my own stash!) so options will not be an issue.
If you have an image, a postcard, photo or some other item that you want to use on the cover of your book, feel free to bring it. Otherwise, leave all of that to us!

I love building the book but one of my favorite parts of this class is the surface design for the inside pages.
My students always love the time that we spend adding color and other things to the pages.
You could leave your book pages blank but it's a lot more fun to put your stamp on them while you're building the book.

I can't wait to see the mountains of Colorado again!
I've looked at the Camp website photos (at least) a hundred times and am so excited about spending time nestled in the Colorado Rockies.
Just look at this view -

There may be a few spots left at June's Camp - check it out before it's too late!


Sandra Tyler said...

Gorgeous. Wish I could learn this craft but I only have one life, few hours, so whittle down my creative ambitions as is needed. Sigh.

Bren said...

Sounds heavenly. Love the photo samples of the journals, so yummy