Friday, June 1, 2012

Book Making with Kitty Cats

I  am packing up to head to Colorado for a couple of teaching gigs.
Trying to temper my excitement over teaching, over WHERE I am teaching and my anxiety over leaving my sexy man and my kitty for 9 days.

I decided, while packing, that I needed a handmade book for the trip.
You know, like i didn't have enough to do already- with packing some things for class, things to sell and my clothes and personal items, mailing Etsy items that I've sold, writing blog posts, laundry...

What's one more thing at this point?!

I decided that I wanted a special book to journal in, make some marks in and document my travels in.
And I can practice making one more book before Art Camp class.

I had some scraps of fabric handy from a previous project that I had not put away yet (the scraps not the previous project).

I have a confession to make.
I am not one of those people that clean their work tables off after each project.
I have so many ideas, chase so much inspiration, that I do well to push everything to one end of the table before I start something else.
Confession time over.

Back to the new book (see? another last minute project that just appeared on my studio table).
 I picked out a few items for the cover collage and set to work.
After a few hours, this is what I came up with.

This is a shot with my studio help in it.

He has to get in all the shots...

True to form, he is in the middle of everything that I am doing (and I am lovin' it).


Bren said...

a beautiful journal and adorable cat. Your studio table sounds like mine, seldom ever cleared because I roll from one thing to the other. Have a great time with the workshop!

Elizabeth said...

You and I are so very much alike Carol!! i am working on a new necklace that I want to wear to our gallery opeing tonight amidst making cookies for the opening getting a show hung for the opening at a different venue and working on some new class samples for classes at Artistic Artifacts!!! What is one more- I KNOW you understand!!! have a wonderful time in Co and be sure that kitty does not get closed into your suitcase = he might not enjoy the trip so much!! hugs!

Lisa Richards said...

Nice book! And the cat's pretty nice, too! Have fun teaching your class!

jackie said...

Beautiful handmade book and very regal kitty! Best wishes on your teaching gig!