Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sketchbook- Fourth of July

The fourth of July found us looking for a little cooler temperatures so we headed up to Ceasar's Head (in SC) and stopped at Bald Rock to see if we could catch any fireworks while overlooking Greenville, Easley and Table Rock (South Carolina).
It was much, much cooler there with a nice gentle breeze blowing.
The outcropping of mountainous rocks is a popular viewing spot but has been desecrated with graffiti over the years.
It's a beautiful place - you just have to look over the irreverent graffiti.
It would seem that many of the guests that stop there have the overwhelming urge to document their name...
I could expound on this but I won't.
It's just ridiculous (in my opinion).

Anyway - here's another two page spread in my Moleskine sketchbook of the overlook.
I did pencil in colors of various areas to remind myself later (when I will add color - hopefully).

Here we were, surrounded by the majesty of the beautiful mountains and what is the lady next to me doing?
Playing games on her phone.
I wasn't surprised when she left (after sitting there for over two hours) about 10 minutes before the fireworks started.
She had already missed the show that nature was putting on anyway.

We did see some beautiful fireworks but evidently the show from Greenville's downtown area hit a snag.
We thought that we were just too far away but seems that the people right there at it didn't see very much either.
I know that the event coordinators really hated that. All of the work that goes into an event that size is tremendous. To have that happen must have been so disappointing.

Still drawing?
Every single day?

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