Monday, December 24, 2012

Publishing News!

I've been about to burst (or "bust" if you live down South) with this news!

I have an article in the newest Quilting Arts "In Stitches" eMag!

The eMag is available for download today, so run (don't walk) over to this shop and get yours.
Though I am proud as a peacock about my article, you should see the other ones!
(so sorry about all of the exclamation points...can't help it!)

What a lineup of authors this time -
Janet Lasher, Kathyanne White, Susie Monday, Norma Schlager, Jane Davila, interviews (and lots of eye candy from) Eileen Lauterborn & Carol Anne Grotrian.
There is also a couple of gallery articles, reviews of cutting & slicing tools (and how to care for them) as well a "how to" on making computer (or tablet) wallpaper out of your own artwork.
Jane Davila (the editor) does a fantastic job with content and the photography is just awesome.
And the price is right (4.99!).

I wrote an article about one of my favorite stitching pastimes - reverse applique with a Natalie Chanin twist. If you've read my blog for long you know that I adore Natalie and the work that she is doing for (and with) cottage industries and sustainable living.
Then there are her books...
The first one was the beginning of my girl crush on Natalie and she just continues to rock the world with practicing what she preaches.

Anyway - the article is about making really cute covers for sketchbooks (or regular books). I took Natalie's instructions and tweaked them to suit my purpose.

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