Thursday, March 21, 2013

Charleston Pier Sketching

I had the pleasure of going to Charleston SC this past weekend with my husband.
He was busy umpiring a baseball game so I had a little free time on my hands.

I wandered over to Shem Creek Park (in Mt. Pleasant) to do a little walking, people watching, meditating with Nature and sketching.

I made a book a while back that I call "The Charleston Book".
I try to carry it with me every time that we go to Charleston. I journal, sketch or add little bits of ephemera that catch my fancy.

"The Green Fan"
Robert Henri

I used heavy decorator textiles on the cover
to make it nice and thick.

I love the image in the front of the book. It's "The Green Fan" oil painting by Robert Henri.
Gibbs Art Museum in Charleston owns the original and it is truly spectacular.
It measures 41" x 33".
It is one of my favorite paintings.
I printed it on a nubby fabric (old curtain sheers from my mom's house) so it gives the cover an old time-worn look.
I used several scrapes of heavy decorator fabric that really gives the cover a nice heft to it.Hand dyed vintage lace for the spine.
The back cover is a truly handmade concoction of mine.
It looks and feels like leather but is a mixture of molding paste, acrylic gels and acrylic paint.
It is not only supple and flexible but it is sturdy enough to travel with me as I wander about.

I dyed a batch of vintage lace that belonged to my grandmother and used it as an embellishment for the spine.
I had a few yards of this beautiful green waxed linen thread that I stitched the signatures into the book with.

Next time I will show you the sketches that I did while wandering around on Shem Creek.


Carmina said...

Wonderful! I like your creations. I love to do the same.

Joanne Huffman said...

A charming book. I'm looking forward to seeing your sketches.