Friday, September 20, 2013

Quilting Arts Gifts magazine

I have an article published in the 2013/2014 Gifts magazine!

I wrote an article about creating (really nice) scarves out of cotton jersey, thermofax screens and deColourant (a color discharging product).

On one of the scarves, I wrote (copied) a poem in longhand with the deColourant in a small-tip container.
Here's a shot of editor Jane Davila wearing it in her "Editor's Note" in the front of the magazine.
It looks good on you Jane!

The staff did a great job setting up the shot.
So - run out and get a copy.
Then go home (or to a friends home) and make something!

Okay one more thing.
Go to my Etsy shop and look at the thermofax screens there.
They are exactly what you need to make one (or several) of these scarves.
If you want one of the fern screens, comment here and I'll set up a private sale for you.
I don't think that those screens are listed there. The fern on the black scarf is there not the one on the red scarf though.
But the bee in the red scarf is! I drew that honey bee so you will find it listed under the "Artist Drawn" screens.

Now, my friends, you need to keep flexing your creative muscles.
I know that I haven't been flexing my writing muscle ( writing) but I've been flexing my drawing, painting, stitching and dyeing muscles while I've been quiet here.
Oh and my fishing muscles too!

Seriously, I do know how very important it is to keep being creative.
It is the oxygen that I breathe in.
It helps me to blow off anger, illness, guilt and sadness.

Without creativity, I am nothing.
It sounds dramatic and it is...I would be boring, depressed and very, very ill if I allowed my creativity to whither.
You will be as well if you don't keep exercising that particular muscle!



Joanne Huffman said...

When I get home from my travels, I will follow your advice.

Jeannie said...

I loved your scarves in QA Gifts! I made felted silk and wool scarves last year and I think your scarves will be the go to gift this year. Thanks for the idea!