Sunday, February 23, 2014

Allowing Nature To Have Her Say

I've had a few emails inquiring if I am okay since I haven't blogged much lately.

I want to say "Oh yes, I am fine!" but truth is -

I'm not.

I've got a bad case of the winter blahs...I'm ready to be playing around outside, aren't you?

I did go on a short bike ride (about 18 miles) with my husband this week.

I also went sledding with him and a few friends (and family members) in the great snow that we had.
And wasn't it wonderful to see 8-10 inches of snow in upstate SC??
I loved it!

I've been reading a lot (mostly in my Kindle).

Watching movies.

Moving supplies around on my studio table.

Looking at patterns (apparel!).
I am going to try to stitch up a few pieces of clothing.
I haven't sewn apparel in years (with the exception of fingerless gloves and scarves) and am itching to get started. I thought that I would start with a simple knit tee shirt.

What I would LOVE to have is a sewing group to bounce questions off of...
Any takers?
Maybe I'll search for one or create my own.
Email me (or comment below) if you're interested in being a part of a group like that.
It would be so much fun to sew the same thing together!

I must say that just jumped out of my fingers onto the "page". I never intended to broach that but now that it's out there- it sounds good.

I have done a little tiny bit of art work...teeny tiny bit for sure.
I've created a sample book for a project that I am putting off doing.

You can also see the turtle shell full of buttons
that I made from shed deer antlers.
Oh, and the sample (duct tape) book.

Yep, that same project that I have written about before.
I have completed reinforcing the spine of the signatures and punched the stitching holes.

I figured out the closure and I LOVE it! I can't wait to see if it is going to work the way I hope it does.
I've got the cover completed and just need to tweak one little thing before I attach it (after the signatures are in).

Tonight (or tomorrow) I am going to stitch the signatures in.
I am, I promise!

Here's a sampling of the pages just waiting to go in.

Here's a peek or two of the rusty threads, fiber, and cloth on the cover.
The cloth that is not rusted is naturally dyed.

I've allowed Nature to have her say on this one.

There you have it - a quick synopsis of the past few weeks.
Without all of the hot tea, coffee and chocolate of course...


Patty Barr said...

Dear Carol, I was one of those folks who have been missing your blog. I am glad you are all right. I love your journal pages. I consider myself a non-artist, but like to play and just started an art journal myself. Some pages, well most pages are poor, but I am keeping at it. I do have a question for you-- I love your rusty look on things. How would I get that old rusty look on paper quickly? Do I need something special? Bake in the oven? What would you suggest? I love your work and your blog. I lived in Greenville a while ago, and my heart is still there.
Patty Mendys.

Joanne Huffman said...

I, too, have sewing projects piling up to be attended to (fixing/altering a jacket because I am pretending I think spring will eventually arrive) I love the look of your book - the rusted and dyed pages are terrific.