Friday, April 18, 2014

Modern Hand Stitching

My friend, Ruth Chandler, has a new book on the market.

"Modern Hand Stitching" is a great primer to ditching the tedious, perfectly reproduced (yet beautiful) embroidery of yesterday and allowing your creative muse to take over!

The table of contents is broken down into six different categories of stitches from the embroidery dictionary.

Straight stitches, Building Stitches, Cross Stitches, Knots, Chain Stitches and Couching & Wrapping.

Ruth has included tutorials on 38 stitches from the embroidery dictionary.There are step by step photos illustrating the traditional way to create each stitch.
Then she offers a plethora of free-form variations for each one, often showing completed pieces of artwork to showcase the stitch or combination of stitches.

While I do think that experienced hand stitchers will benefit from this book, it's the person that is wanting to approach free form stitching that will really get the most bang for the buck.
It's full of "food for thought" to get your muse up and running.

Check it out here and be sure to leave a review on Amazon after you receive it!

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