Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fabrics To Dye For

On Wednesday, August 20 (last week) I had the immense pleasure of participating in an Awesome Workshop by

Judy Simmons.

We met in Asheville, NC for a fun & color filled day.

Have you ever taken a class or workshop that Judy teaches?


Wow! You should!

She is one of the most organized teachers that I had taken a class from!

She gave us a prepared packet of info with everything that we would need to begin dyeing our own fabric.

And copies to take to our tables to work with!

I will include pictures of all the beautiful fabric that I dyed...

including this one...

Dyed? Did I say that I dyed the above piece?

Yep...I just forgot to add the Soda Ash...

She warned us about that...

The ones that follow obviously had their soda ash...
I wanted some pieces of pastel colors,
so here are a few of those that I managed to dye.

These next few pictures were of microwave dyeing.

Judy taught us an extremely easy way to dye background fabric.

Isn't this Chocolate beautiful?

It looks like it has a pink tint to it...

This is another section of the Chocolate piece.

Look at the pink undertones...

This is one of my favorites (Judy's too!).

Havana Brown.

Look at the blue undertones...

only one color of dye used as well.

Here are more of the low immersion dyeing fabrics.

Don't you love this piece? It looks wonderful in person. I plan on using it in the 3 commissioned pieces that I have coming up.

I can just see all the different areas in a forest/landscape piece...

I had a great time that day and learned so much!

Thanks Asheville Quilt Guild for offering this class

and thanks to Judy for teaching such a fun filled yet educational class!

You wouldn't believe how much fun we had...

Hot Flashes and all...


StegArt said...

Wow, lots of great color. How fun!

Anita said...

Carol, your fabrics turned out great. I'll have to photograph some of mine.

Hey, we just missed each other at Fiber on a Whim yesterday! I got there at 4:00 on the way to drop of a piect at an art show. First time there, and I LOVED it.