Monday, August 25, 2008

New Things From Old Rusty Things...

I will preface everything with this comment...please excuse the blurry picture. I'll try to take more later...
Okay, most of you know that my husband and I have been rusting fabric...and other things as well.
I have been getting ready to go to the Creativity Retreat in Blowing Rock next week.
I am going to have a Participant Vendor Table with lots of rust fabric and packs of "rusty tid bits" to sale.
As an example, I made several pieces of fabric made out of strips of rusted "stuff".
I then made a wallet out of one piece
and plan on making an origami purse out of another.
Isn't this the coolest thing?!?
I love the texture, the depth of the fabric...
So, you take
one piece of fabric (I used a piece of PFD).
then add
Add a pile of rusted fabric, kimwipes, drawer liner, hand crocheted lace, vintage lace, panty hose, old tee shirts, scraps of other get the picture here...I threw just about everything in my rust bucket!
Cut or tear strips of these items. The width or shape is totally up to you (or chance).
Sew these strips onto the piece of fabric that you started with.
New piece of fabric!
Make wallet out of this piece!
Purse next...
Check out my Etsy site for rusted fabric.
I will be adding the Kimwipes soon,
along with packs of rusted vintage lace and the like.


StegArt said...

I really like that new fabric you've created from the rusted fabric. And the blue strips in there really give it pizzazz!

random notes said...

Oh Yeah this is good stuff, Carol.
Can;t wait to see it up close and personal.
See you in Blowing Rock next week!

Mai-Britt Axelsen said...

I've only just found you - this is absolutely wonderful, thanks for sharing.