Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dose of Delivered Inspiration

Look at what my UPS man brought today...

A Martha Lever Excettera Journal.
She uses her own calligraphy and hand drawn/painted images
to form a beautiful collage that graces the front of this lined notebook.
You have to go to her Etsy shop and
look at all the yummy things that she has there.

I LOVE this journal!

I had seen them in her shop
but failed to order one
before she sold out...
So, I emailed her and ask if she was going to do more.
I'm so glad that I ask
instead of just wishing I had of bought it when I first saw it.
Within a day or two, there they were...
The most difficult thing was
deciding which one that I wanted.
I'm excited too
cause she is developing one with
on it.
I love Poppies and Martha's are

And look at the note card she sent with it!

Beautiful enough to frame.

And the sweetest note
on the back of it...
I can just feel her beautiful spirit in all of her work.
Follow her blog here
and get your daily dose of Martha (Lever not Stewart)!

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Anita said...

Hi Carol! Love your entries. For a long time I couldn't find your blog because of the missing "b" in my typing, but found you on a favorites list this morning and immediately put you on my blog watch list. It's good to be back!