Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I've Been Bitten By A Bug...

Perhaps you can help me identify the pesky thing...

Any ideas? Here's another look or two of others like it.

Ahhh, great you figured it out!

It's dry felting!

This is the first time that I have done it and I really like it! I think that I'll try more but before that I'll show you pics of the Felting Class with Nancy Butler at our monthly Fiber Art Alliance meeting in Asheville NC.

All the beautiful pieces above are done by Nancy...she is so talented and such a great teacher!
My pictures do not do her work justice.
They must be seen in person to apprecite all the design work she has done.
She was a little nervous at first but she did a great job.
Thanks Nancy!

There's my buddy Anita Heady.
She has started a Quilting Arts Alliance in Athens Georgia.
Email her for questions.

And there's two of my most favorite people in NC...
Patsy Thompson and Gen Grundy.
Look at Patsy's site for AWESOME free motion quilting DVDs.
And the Light...
The Bendable Light.
Get one.
It TOTALLY revolutionized my sewing!

And My Gen (yes, Jane, she is MY Gen)...
so happy to see her again!
And I hope you're feeling better Gen!

Look at these ladies, working so hard!
I am so sorry I didn't get their names to post...
forgive me.
I did ask permission to take their picture though.

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