Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What a Creative Chick

Saturday I had the immense pleasure of meeting Susan Sorrell...
You know, The Creative Chick from Greenville SC.
She had an Open House
with along with Anne Taylor,
an awesome photographer who is also from Greenville.
They share studio space in Taylors, SC.
You should go and see them...
beautiful, filling, inspiring work." Self Portrait" Susan Sorrell
"Hard-Favored Face" Susan Sorrell

"My Aching Head" Susan Sorrell

"Singing In The Rain" Susan Sorrell

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Little House Art Studios said...

Hey Carol!
Thanks for the plug!! Also, there is a group that meets at Spill the Beans for stitching. It meets every Tuesday evening at 6pm. If you are on Facebook, connect with me and i can get you in contact with the group. ;)