Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas News...a little late

Guess who I spent my Christmas with?
No Ideas?
How about Mary Stori,
Betcha' never guessed that?

My husband bought me three great books
"Mixed Media Self-Portraits" by Cate Prato
I had told him that I wanted Cate's book and Mary's DVD
and then good ole' Amazon told
him that I would probably like the other ones!
How cool is THAT!
At first I thought that he had seen my "wish list" on Amazon,
but then I remembered it is not in a public form.
Then I remembered that I had seen the "If you ordered this, you may like this" list
after ordering in the past.
I, for one, am very thankful for the
"let's prompt this man to spend more money "
list from Amazon.
And I am thankful for all the talented ladies
that put so much hard work
into writing and contributing to these wonderful books and the DVD!
And if you have not see these books or Mary's DVD,
then run over to your favorite book dealer (or Amazon!)
check them out!
Happy Holidays All!


Rayna said...

Oh, clever Amazon -- and how nice that your husband bit - LOL! I have Lynn's book and really love it; haven't seen Kate's but I'm sure it's a delight. And I hope you have fun with all of them!

Elin said...

Cool! I'll be anxious to see what creativity flows from these gifts.

judy coates perez said...

Cate's book is fabulous, fun to see Cheryl's face right up front, lol.

I loved your recommendation on the life is a verb book, I ordered two from amazon, intending to give one to my sister and one for myself and ended up giving the one for me to a friend for xmas. It was just too wonderful not to share, now I am going to need to buy a 3rd.

happy new year!

Feltique said...

Never mind my mil, what about your lovely husband and all those fabulous books. Love your blog.