Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cloth Paper Scissors Issue 23

Do you have your latest copy of CPS? Issue 23?
Well, run and get it!
I was reading through my copy
(it's one of the three magazines that I read every word of)
and got to the "popping the question" section on page 12.
I had forgotten all about responding to this question a while back
and was very surprised to see my answer on page 13!


I have just written an article about using Kimwipes
in the Fibre&Stitch online magazine.
I use them in a lot of my mixed media pieces.
(and on our lettuce leaves in the spring!)
I sell them in my etsy shop, very reasonable price
for a very versatile product.

This is another great magazine (one of the ones that I read every word of!).
I was so sad to read that Sue & Terri (Two Creative Studios)will not be offering the zine
after the next issue.
It's so understandable, since they are both so incredibly busy
with a ton of other creative endeavors.
But I sure will miss it!
You could run over to the web site and purchase the issue though.
It is packed with all kinds of great articles
by a host of creative people.


Julie Bagamary said...

Congrats Carol!
Still praying for you.

Martha Lever said...

Hey Carol! How cool is that--your quote in the magazine! I was in Greenville this weekend--you're getting snow!!
Maybe we can get together sometimes at Rancom Arts. Jane has asked me to teach a class on making backgrounds. It will be this summer sometimes after my daughter's baby comes the first of May. I am going to your Etsy shop to buy some of those KimWipes!!! COOL!!

Patti said...

I think I must be the only one who HASN'T gotten it yet!!!

Found you on Jane's Random Arts blog - she's a good pal. Also, happened to notice your recent post about the passing of your mother. I realize we haven't met but I'm also at the age when I harbor a deep dread for the moment when I, too, share your experience; I'm deeply sorry for your loss.

Fannie said...

Hi, Carol. Yes, I'm sad, too. Your article is awesome! Thanks for introducing me to Kimwipes!