Sunday, March 8, 2009

Art Journal Pages

I've added a few pages from my art journal.
A couple of them have no journaling at the moment
but I'll add some later as the notion hits me.
I bought a Winsor Newton Travel Set of watercolors.
I LOVE them!
All the pages with color on them are watercolors
from the new set.
It is really easy to maneuver while sitting outside
or even traveling in the car.
I'm going to make a journal cover as soon as I can focus long
enough to spend time in my studio.

I continue to recover (is that the word to use
for what I'm going through?), maybe I should say
I continue to go through the stages of grieving,
realizing too late that several
days have passed and I don't even know what I did
during those days...
have any of you ever felt that way?
I have a few more journal pages that I have done
but because they deal with some issues
that I am having with a family
member, I will not post them.
I'd rather handle that anger personally -
with the one that I feel the anger towards.

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