Sunday, March 8, 2009

Paulette Insall "Faces"

I've been doing a lot of drawing here lately...
painting on fabric too.
I'm working my way towards making a book.
I want to add painted faces, ephemera, old documents,
transfer pictures of my family...
that kind of thing.
Oh, and room for documenting, for capturing a
moment in time.
Anyway, I've singed up for
Paulette Insall Faces on line class.
Even though I can and do draw and paint faces,
I have admired Paulette's work for a long time.
I'll be glad to add some new tricks to my art tool box!
Here is one of the newest faces that I have sketched out.
Now remember, it's only a sketch!
I have plenty of tweaking to do on it...
and I'm sure it will change as I paint it.

This last picture was before I went back and

did a little darkening of my sketch lines...

you can see the difference in the eyes especially.

The hair has also been worked on a little bit.


Martha Lever said...

Hey Carol,
WOW, these faces are just fabulous. You will enjoy Paulette's class. It's really what helped me start drawing faces---but it appears you've already got it!!
Good job!!!

Sue B said...

Carol these are fantastic!

Julie Bagamary said...

WOW - your faces are great. They have a plesant gaze.

Jeff Rogers said...

this face is absolutely gorgeous!!! as is; what I wouldn't give to be able to 'sketch' and have it turn out like this - wow!