Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What Inspires Me

My muse.
Wow, I have many of them.
Nature is a big one for me. My husband and I kayak and get to see Her (Mo' Nature) up close and personal. We went this past weekend and sat in the water (in our kayak), under a tree where a huge Bald Eagle was sitting - we watched him as he watched us.
Beautiful beautiful stuff, this Nature around us.
I am also so inspired by the work of others. Their imagination fuels mine.
Children inspire me...their free spirit is so refreshing .
I love the shapes of shadows, the play of light and dark.
My mind inspires me...from the bright happy memories to the dark, painful corners I possess.
I am constantly amazed by the colors, the shapes, the textures of every day an aging cement block, scattered sand on my door step, the tree bark on our crepe myrtle, the rust on our hand rail...tiny little micro-environments that a lot of people walk right by and never notice.
I am inspired by Life.
By words.
Faces worn with age, lined with experience,love and pain.
I am inspired by my Tribe of people..people like me - that the fire of creating burns so hot within them that they would cease to exist if they couldn't create their art.

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jgr said...

What a lovely post. thank you for sharing what inspires you. I loved reading it.