Monday, April 5, 2010

Working on a Signature Wrap

This is a new signature wrap I'm working on today.
I took a class last year in Alabama from DJ Pettitt...
book making and painting the front of the book was part of the class.
I never finished the book because the image on the front wasn't my drawing.
It was my painting of DJ's drawing.
I wanted it to be MY image...
But it hit me a few days ago that I could use the book here at home -
and as a sample of MY book making skills.
There are a ton of things that I have done to the book
here at home that are MY skills at work!
So I decided to complete it - with a lot of signatures so I can use it here (at home)
where I tend to jot down a plethora of ideas.
I'm going to put it to good use...
and when I take it with me away from home,
I'll be sure to tell everyone that the image belongs to DJ
but the inside of the book is All Mine.
Here's a peek at the signature wrap I started today.
The little card inside the piece of vintage quilt
is a small card that I received from someone last year.
It once contained a small piece of handmade paper shaped like a small flower pot with wild flower seeds embedded in it.
You're supposed to plant them (which we did) and then throw away the card (yikes!).
Who could throw away such a great little card? Not me!
I replaced the pink pot (with the seeds in it) with a red one.
Then I embroidered a red outline around the piece of vintage quilt.
I had to add a sprouting twig of red blossoms beside it...
Which called for a piece of fabric with bold geraniums on it.
And that is just how it thing leads to another...


Julie Bagamary said...

Looks like a lot of fun Carol.

Joanne Huffman said...

Makes me want to do another book.