Friday, May 6, 2011


After I recovered from the initial rush of nerves at the beginning of the radio show interview, I really enjoyed it.
Rebecca made me feel so comfortable, just like two buddies chatting away on the phone.
We were both (more than) a little surprised to find that we had quite a few things in common...
making similar types of artwork, teaching the same type of classes, having artwork in the same book and, like a lot of artists, feeling such an attachment to what we do.

I love being able to use my creativity.
I try to exercise my creative muscles everyday.
Even on days like today -
I am SO tired. It's almost overwhelming how tired I am
but I'm still yearning to DO something...make something...
create something.
I usually pull out my trusty background papers and start throwing paint around on them
but today I did do something a little different.

I have this piece of artwork that I have looking at,
trying to find its purpose the last couple of weeks...

I've done a bit of collage on it.

A little bit of drawing & painting that I later covered up.

I scraped paint across it...

I'm continuing to look to it to figure out what it wants on the surface...




So far this is what it has...

I love the way that the surface looks aged - cracks and splits over the entire thing.
There is no crackle on it - it's just the way it turned out as I have painted, wiped off, wet it, sanded it...
constantly feeling no pleasure in what I see.
So, this aged appearance was a nice thing to see. Perhaps that means I am heading in the right direction with it.

I'm hoping that my energy will return soon - this being worn out when I have SO many things that I should be doing is for the birds...

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Jill Berry said...

You did a great job Carol, and it was so interesting to get to know you a bit this way. Congratulations!