Saturday, October 29, 2011


This cooler weather brings out the adventurer in my husband and me.
We spent a long weekend camping and kayaking down on the Edisto River in lower SC.
I'm guessing that the water was a bit too cold for any alligators (or snakes either ) (thanks goodness)
but we did see lots of shy turtles, slim egrets and a heron or two.

The trees down there are so beautiful...those tall, wide cypress trees.
The base of some of them were wider than our kayak (and we paddle a tandem that is about 18 ft long).
This one was about 10-12 ft wide at the widest area of it. Wide and flat at the base.

I love the way that the reflection of the tree is swirling in the water.
The entire river reflects the shore in some can fool you if you let it.
Look at this shot. I originally took this photo because I was interested in the lower water level.
You can see how low the water level was by the marks on the trees.
After I got home, I noticed that the beautiful reflection.

And the occasional traffic sign.
You know...just in case you didn't know the correct place to stop at...

We couldn't figure out...well, we just couldn't figure it out...

But what we do know is this - that river is beautiful. 
The sounds she makes, the song she sings.
The animals that call her home.
That black water that swirls along her banks.
 Just beautiful.

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