Thursday, October 20, 2011

Paper Crazy (or maybe just Plain Crazy)

Yesterday a good friend and I got together and played with paint, glue, dye and paper.
Sounds fun, right?

It was!

We spent all day mixing, concocting colors, adding mediums, and spreading the final product onto a variety of different papers.

It all began as an experiment into paste papers and kinda evolved into a mix of  that and my typical approach to everything art related.


Thank goodness that Nancy was there to reign me in a little bit.
I love the possibility of what this process could add to the way that I create Artist Papers.
Another approach to layering color and texture.
Embedding your own personal mark making into each piece.

The process is a fantastic way to investigate your personal marks and symbols.
A lot of people don't even realize their mark vocabulary...
by making these types of painted papers, this vocabulary will inevitably make itself known to you.
(actually, that should be the description for the "Painted Backgrounds" class)

So, grab a friend, some art supplies, your best creative spirit and have at it!
Or - take a class.

Be brave!

Here are a few shots of what we did...keep in mind that, for me, this is only the beginnings of the painted papers.
I plan on adding more, more, MORE!

 I was surprised to see tiny bubbles in the paint on this piece of paper where I screened an image with too much paint. I kinda like the look of it though. Try clicking on it to see it close up.
This is the forth layer of dye or paint on this particular paper.
An initial splat or two of dye, paste with paint, more dye added, stamp with the gold acrylic paint and then the Thermofax screen...
Oops, that's five layers, isn't it?

Now some of these aren't true "paste papers" at all...
Some of them have been colored with dyes before (or after) adding varying amounts of the paste paper concoction.
Then there are still others that were stamped with a hand carved poppy stamp after I got home...
oh, then I added a Thermofax screen image to one or two before I collapsed into a heap of tiredbutveryhappy
on my couch...

Oh so tired but thrilled to add yet one more tool to my artist belt.


Anonymous said...

These are really exciting!
dh in wnc

Janelle said...

Your papers are lovely. I wish that I had a friend like you to play at art. There are so many exciting possibilities for making papers for art. I have been reading a book from the library about making your own paper for collage. I have been itching to try making paste papers, but just haven't gotten there yet. I did use some fiber reactive dyes that I had mixed up to dye some papers. I liked those results. Thanks for sharing your papers.

Catherine said...

These papers are absolutely great!

Bren said...

Beautiful papers, wonderful textures and designs. Isn't it fun finding out what your own personal symbols/marks are!

Joanne Huffman said...

Very cool papers!