Monday, January 7, 2013

Building a Better Bird

What's on your table?

I'm working on building a better bird.
I have several samples for the April "Art & Soul" workshop but, true to fashion (mine, that is), I can't stop there.
(I have got to get better photos up there)
I am constantly striving to make everything "better"...perhaps I should say "different" instead, since the concept is the same.
Just different ways to get there.

There's this colorful bird -

As well as this one.

I think that most people love big bold hits of color in projects. I do too, but, I also think that understated color has its place.
I'm working on that right now.
Here's a couple of the parts and pieces of inspiration that I am using/working on/working from...

My work table looks like a stuffed bird graveyard right now.
Bodies, wings, beads, tail feathers and head dresses at all stages of completion.
Not to mention the driftwood (painted and wrapped), threads, torn pieces of fabric & trim, paint and thermofax screens.
Sounds like fun, eh?


Bren said...

always fun to find all the ranges something can go in :-) Fun little birdies!

Bev Ann Victory said...

This makes me want to dress up my pincushion birds and make them colorful and decorated - wish I could take your class!

denise in wnc said...

These are so exciting! Love the birdie wings!