Monday, January 14, 2013


I just found out that at least one of my pieces for the "8 That Create" group show in New York (back in the fall)  is in the latest "Quilting Arts" magazine!

I completed 5 different pieces of art for the show and loved all of them.
I know that the paper dress is in the article on creating 3D pieces of artwork.
I really wanted to make a larger 3D piece but just ran out of I made a teeny tiny dress out of a sheet of handmade collage paper. I used pieces of an 1878 women's magazine about fashion.
There were drawings of the latest Paris fashions, the hats, the shoes - everything that a well dressed woman should desire.
I thought that they looked uncomfortable and cumbersome.
I suppose that I would have been a renegade back then too!
Here are some photos of the dress.
I placed it in a vintage looking shadowbox that gave the dress more of an antique look.
I used lace that my grandmother had wound around an old piece of newspaper. She always saved every little snippet of lace, ribbon and fabric for later use.
(so that's where I got that habit from!)

This is vintage lace from my grandmother's extensive stash.
She was a doll doctor as well as a quilter and maker of many other things.
I have most of the materials that she used to make doll clothes.
Lucky me, right?

I loved using the original articles from the journal.

The drawings were so interesting.

Do not fail to send for that Portfolio of Fashions, ladies!

I also used vintage netting (tulle) on the dress. I was originally going
to have a tulle skirt but didn't like the bulk that it gave the dress.
I had already sewn it on the dress so I just crunched it up
and created a belt for the dress.
"Quarterly Journal Dress"
The dress is apx. 10 inches long and 9' wide (the width of the sleeves as
they appear in the photo). I love the shadowbox frame.
It really allows the dress to be the star of the show.
I actually created another dress just like this one - the only difference is that I fused the scans of the paper onto tissue paper and then fused them to very light weight scrim.
Tissue paper!
It is so soft and feels so dainty.

The tissue paper is so thin that you can see through the dress.
Hmmmm...I guess that I need to make a slip too...

This is an original piece of vintage pattern.
I used the original instead of scanning it and printing it out.

Who besides me can't help but looking up doll dresses?

I am planning on teaching this class at "Artistic Artifacts" in Alexandria Virginia this year.
I love teaching at Judy Gula's shop - tons of room to stretch out, lots of good shopping opportunities and I just love Judy and the shop staff.
I'll post the dates on my schedule as soon as I get my butt in gear and give them a date - I mean as soon as the dates are firmed up.
If you'd like to be notified of the date, please sign up for my newsletter (the one that I promise to send out this year). Or keep an eye on the blog.
This is the first piece of art that I have had published in Quilting Arts magazine...the first of many. I have several articles just waiting to be sent in for potential publishing.
Don't forget to buy your copy of "In Stitches" volume 9 to see my article there as well!


Bren said...

Oh congratulations on having such a unique creation published, well deserved! It's just a brilliant piece, every stitch and lace of it!

Joanne Huffman said...

Well deserved congratulations! I really love your dresses.