Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Thread work

I had prepped a couple of jars of liquid to use as pre and post mordants - tannin and iron to be specific.
I also had a pot of eucalyptus "soup" that I was allowing to gently simmer on my stove top (a single burner that I plug in outside).
I decided to wind off some of the silk thread that I bought from Christine Mauersbergers shop "Hank and Spool". This thread is so luscious that is seems to shimmer from inside.
I wanted to try it out in a couple of the dye baths that I had set up.
Here's a shot of the thread, glowing with natural dyes.
It really does seem to glow.

It's so difficult to capture that shimmer in a photo but here are a few attempts.
I have a range of colors from beige to brown to khaki to olive green to deep charcoal to the reds of the eucalyptus.
All lovely and dyeing (ahem) to be pulled through equally lovely fabric.

I love the array of colors that the eucalyptus offers.

I also used a thread of unknown fiber content that a friend gave me.
I think it is a wool blend as it looks like another commercial blend
thread that I have in my sewing basket.

Cotton thread that I use for crochet (used to anyway).

Beautiful range of grays

Some of my favorite colors!
My friends give me a hard time for wearing them so much
but I love them so.

Color that shimmers and shines.


Bren Thebeau said...

yummy! Loving those last three, they speak my language too!

Joanne Huffman said...

They're all beautiful.