Sunday, October 6, 2013

Busy Hands, Happy Heart

I am like a lot of you, dear readers, that can't seem to sit quietly without working on something.
My friends and family would say that I can't sit still and be quiet. Period.
Hmm...maybe they are correct.

I've been using up my eco dyed/natural dyed scraps (and I do mean scraps) on a small piece of handwork.
I used pieces that are about 2-3 inches long (and wide) and put them on a canvas base.
Then began stitching.
I also used my natural dyed threads (except one piece of rust DMC thread) and they look wonderful on the fabrics!
The natural dyes seem to glow from within.

I am using a hoop this time since the fabric weights are so different.
Here's a few in-progress peeks.

See the pieces of thread on the left?
All of those were dyed with plants and metals.

Rust stained thread

I couldn't help but slip this bold color of thread in...

Vintage homespun fabric!

Lovely rust

Colors of Iron

Cottons, linens, jersey

Looks like a bee hive


A monoprint from something in my bin of goodies

Rusted fabric, rusted thread

I took this thread out of my "rust bin" too early
but I couldn't help myself.
I have more cooking.

It's a work in progress for sure.


Meg Fowler said...

Wooooooo Hooooooo! You've really got the bug now, Carol! Gorgeous piece of work! Can't wait to see this when it's finished. Make sure you bring it up next time.

bluetwigstudio said...

So yummy! I love what you are doing here.

Joanne Huffman said...

So rich in color and texture - it makes my eyes dance over it.

Christine said...

Carol, your work is stunning. Keep it up!

Sue Marrazzo said...

The colors are the BEST!