Monday, October 21, 2013

Things I Do To Pass The Time

I've been stitching away, slowly and thoughtfully, on the piece in the previous post.
Here's another area or two that I've got around to running thread through.

I liked the darker area when I added it but not so much now

A blend of DMC thread and natural dyed (gray) thread.

A small scrap of well worn canvas being stitched onto the piece.

I am still stitching circles on everything.

beautiful silk thread over organza and a bamboo blend fabric

So I will continue to take my time with this piece since it is feeling right to do that.
I do have an idea for display on this one. I'll have to try it out soon.

I wanted to dye some thread with walnut leaves and decided to throw some paper in there as well.
Oh, walnut, how I love thee!
The color are so rich and I am always surprised by the variety of colors that I get.
I needed a darker color of thread, so I clipped my paper with binder clips. That is such an easy way to change the colors that nature offers to us.
Here's a few photos of the paper (watercolor).

Be sure to click on this one to see the color variety on the paper.
Look at those beautiful lines!
a note reminding me that I left thread in the pot
I just stuck the entire stem into the paper signature.
Won't this be beautiful to sketch into?
marks from the binder clips

If you click o the photos, you can really see the different colors that I obtained.
I had not done anything to the paper (other than allow it to dry) so the pages are wrinkled and warped.
Some pressure under a stack of books and a little heat from the iron should take care of that though.

I've also been updating my Etsy shop with more thermofax screens.
I'll do another post with some images from that.

It's cooler here in South Carolina and I am loving it.
I love the cooler temps and the crisp air but it sure does play havoc on achy joints.
Getting old is not for sissies, is it?


Anonymous said...

wonderful work Carol

Meg Fowler said...

You just continue to amaze me, girl!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!

Joanne Huffman said...

These are absolutely beautiful!

denise in wnc said...

Can't wait to see these in person! Hope it's soon