Monday, August 18, 2014

Pursuit of Color

I mentioned that I was consciously trying to use more color in my art making.
I am your basic neutral color gal - white is a wonderful color- as is cream, gray and black.
And rust.
Love the color that rust gives up.

I talked about the colorful monoprints that I made in this post.

Here is another colorful  monoprint posting.

I love to see artists use bold color and I almost envy their command of it.
But I have never really used a lot in my own artwork.
So I have set out to do a few small pieces doing just that.

Here's the beginning of the first one.

lovely sheers atop handpainted cottons

vintage purple sheer (not a lace or a sheer open fabric.
I guess.

thermofax print

running stitch over screen print with reverse applique


More color to come!


denise in wnc said...

Wow! When you decided to work with vibrant colors, you went for it. Big time! I like!

Joanne Huffman said...

Great use of vibrant colors!