Saturday, August 16, 2014

Summer Work

I'll continue showing images of what I have been doing in my absence.

You saw some of the drawing that I did. But there is more.

I drew the following images and tweaked them in PSE (Photoshop Elements) (making the lines fatter and more graphic).

After getting the images like I wanted them, I used the outline to make the (positive? negative?) opposite printing screen. (wasn't that an awkward sentence?).
Like this -

One screen printed the color of the flower or leaf and the other screen printed the outline, enabling me to use all kinds of funky colors.
I used a piece of paper that I bought long ago (but liked the pattern on it) as a guide, I laid a pattern that was pleasing to me.
Here's a couple of shots of the project in progress.

I taped down my cotton (PDF) fabric
before screen printing.

Wonderful sparkly gold paint.

It looks beautiful after I add the outline.

I tried several different brands of fabric paint on this project.

Adding the pink background

I really don't have an idea of what I will use the painted fabric for - I just created it to stay inspired while was feeling particularly uninspired. 
Sounds ridiculous but this is the type of thing I do to keep the creative muscles pumping. 
Kinda like priming the pump to get the water flowing, ya know?


Joanne Huffman said...

Your flowers look great - full of energy and very attractive. I totally understand the priming the pump thing.

denise in wnc said...

You come up with such interesting techniques and color combos. I really like the outlines (thick & thin). Do more!