Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I went tot he monthly Fiber Art Alliance group meeting in Asheville NC yesterday. If you do not belong to some sort of group like this, I strongly encourage you to join. It is so stimulating to surround yourself with people that are like minded. That can encourage and assist you in your artistic journey. I will add some pictures in a bit of the program this month. And some of the art work from our very talented members.
Patsy Thompson brought two new Art Quilts that she had finished. Beautiful, beautiful ...She is so talented. And humble. She says that with practice, your machine quilting will look like hers...Her stitches are perfectly spaced, looks like she used a Stitch Regulator but she doesn't. She is One Awesome Machine Quilter! Go to to see just what I mean.

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Julie Bagamary said...

Hi Carol,
Let me know when you want more help with your back pack purse.