Saturday, July 5, 2008

You Are Not Alone

My friend, Gen, had surgery recently. When my husband suggested to me that I make her a card, I decided to make her a post card instead. It turned out really cute!
I used a piece of rust fabric that my husband and I made for the tree and the back of it. Oh, and its the fabric that the words are printed on. I made the words the same way that I made the letters for the "Necessities" piece, with thin leather from a baseball coaster. The only difference is that I printed these words out on the computer instead of hand lettering them. I felt uneasy about trying to letter that small so I played it safe!
The birds have seed beads for eyes so they sparkle quite nicely.
I used Wonder Under on the fabric pieces. Then used a tiny zig zag stitch with mono filament thread around the pieces. I used the smallest needle that I had, a 60/8 one to try and diminish the needle holes in the fabric.
Then I used black thread to "sketch" around each piece, making it look like a drawing. I added some free hand embroidery along the bottom.
The words were not added until the very end.
I'll mail it in an envelope as I'm sure that the piece will not scan through the Post Office machine...
Hopefully it will brighten her day when she gets it!

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Julie Bagamary said...

It is GREAT Carol! Very creative and fun! Julie