Friday, January 30, 2009

Art Journaling

I was at my step daughters dance competition
this past weekend
and did a little art journaling
where I was there.
My husband and I had a lot of fun,
laughing and being silly.
We were not supposed to sit in the balcony
but did anyway...
needless to say, there were not many
people there
and we laughed
and joked
until it was time to go.
His daughter did a great job
but her team did not win.
Very unusual, as they
usually do.
Maybe next time...
This is in the handmade quilted journal that I made.
The paper is marker paper,
which takes a bit of
watercolor paint pretty well.
And oh, how I love my
Pitt Pens.
Go ahead, grab a 40% off coupon
from Hobby Lobby and buy yourself
a variety pack.
You'll be so glad that you did.
Enjoy my silly art antics!

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