Saturday, January 31, 2009

Patti Digh

(silver writing mine...)

I posted a blog entry a while back
about an awesome book that I had been reading...
The one that Jane sat me in a chair and placed in my hands...?
OK, you're remembering now.
Anyway, today (what a beautiful, sunny, crisp day
to meet a few wonderful people)
I went back to Jane's shop
for a book reading
a book signing,
which I had rather call
"Let's make a new friend day".
Patti Digh was there, reading from that insightful book,
and just generally inspiring all of us to take the time
to Live An Intentional Life.
In reading the book,
I saw that Patti had encouraged the readers
to write in the book (yikes!)
to make it "our book"...
to interact with the words that she had written,
to take the ideas or the lessons that she was offering us
to a higher level.
I secured a silver Sharpie (which writes wonderfully on the slick surface of the page)
and began readin' and writin'...
I underlined words that resonated with me...
I circled passages that spoke to my heart...
I wrote her notes when I was fearful
of my reaction to different "actions" that she suggested...
I wrote out excuses NOT to do them...
I wrote out my responses to the exercises...
and I also drew lines and arrows pointing to quotes that I loved
or stories that brought me to tears...
I wrote out my heart
and I placed that heart right on the pages of that precious book.

You MUST get this book, my friends.
It will touch you in places
that you feared were closed off...
places that you didn't care to awaken again.
But it will touch you in places that you NEED to be touched...
wake up the generosity that
resides within you.
Give Patti Digh an opportunity
to touch your shoulder,
turn you around
and make you look in the mirror at
your own reflection.
And Patti, you ROCK.

And Mr. Brilliant,

I enjoyed sitting with you and Tess outside

on that quaint little bench, looking at my book...

our actions screaming how much we adore your wife

and her way with words.

I'm looking forward to reading more of those precious words.

1 comment:

random notes said...

It was a magical day, huh? She is as beautiful in person as I imagined.
Let's see if we can start those movements and start those actions.
What a great way to find the best if us! thanks for being here for the book signing and reading with Patti Digh.