Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cotton love

OK - I beg forgiveness for not posting more.
Between the holidays, wheezing, doctor appointments, running to the drug store, close family birthdays and (of course) art projects - I've been pretty darn busy.
Just like everyone else...
I have posted before about a little book love that I have...
did you know that she is coming out with a totally NEW BOOK!?
(check it out)
(pre-order it)
(I did)
I have made a sketchbook cover and an awesome skirt
from the book patterns.
Being the independent type artist that I am,
I had to branch out and begin to make my own stencils
and patterns.
The above photo is a scan of a hand drawn stencil that I made.
I am making another sketchbook cover for me - the orange one that I made just isn't my favorite color.
But blue IS! I'll add some beads so my buddy Mary Stori will still love me (waving - Hey Mary!).
I am also working on a fingerless glove pattern too.
Won't that be So cool?!

I've been a bit under the weather here lately but hope that
a visit to the specialist next month will prove fruitful.
This weekend my husband had a conference in Atlanta (Georgia) for college umpires.
Being a good wife, I went with him - and met a friend from NC there (waving -Hey Crystal!)
and her daughter (waving - Hey Brittany!) for a few hours of fun, laughing and shopping in Atlanta and Marietta. We had a blast!
So - isn't this odd - I am from SC.
Crystal is from NC.
We met in GA to visit...
Odd but fun. And convenient.
So - I'm home now. Glad to be here.
And almost finished with 20 Art Banners for a winter themed swap
that I signed up for a while back.
I'll try to remember to post some photo's tomorrow...
I hope that you all are enjoying your New Year.

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Anita said...

Hi Carol! Hope you're feeling better soon. Your projects sound wonderful.