Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lipstick Ranch

I hear a lot of fellow artists mention that they would like to sell their art...
sell more art...
or market themselves as artists
but just aren't sure what to do
or how to go about doing that.
Enter KC Willis.
Artist extraordinaire, wild west woman artist
that is here to take your hand and lead you through
each and every little step that you need to take.
She has several classes over at her site
but the one that I am pointing to right now is the
"Marketing Mindset" one.
She has been there, done that and is continuing to
Do That as we speak (or write and read) (...).
Since times, they are so difficult right now -
she is running a special price - but you gotta hurry!
That price will go up soon...
Run on over to Miss KC's and get your Marketing Mindset on.


Mary said...

Oh I have heard of her and seen her work. Wonderful isn't it.

I love this piece Carol, well done.

Carol Sloan said...

That is one of KC's collage pieces. I love all of her work too Mary!

Anonymous said...
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