Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

I hope that everyone is having a great New Year (so far)!
I am! This year is going to be AWESOME!
I can just feel it in my bones...
I sense the excitement - the sheer magnitude of what will happen this year could be overwhelming
but I'm not letting it.
I am greeting it with open arms...
Today I handed over the samples for a workshop that I am teaching locally.
I'll post more on that later but for now, let's talk about UFOs.
No, silly!
UnFinished Objects...
I have posted before about the book "Alabama Stitch Book".
Love. It.
When I first checked out the book from the library, I started a sample piece, just to see if I could do it...if I wanted to commit to a larger project.
I was going to make a book cover.
Small, quick and easy.
I mean it was (small, quick and easy) but I wanted to Get On With It (the Skirt, that is).
I got right to The End of it and sat it aside in my excitement to make a skirt.
And forgot about it.
Fast forward to last week. I was working on putting things away in my studio and came across it again.
Had to finish it.
Had to.
So, I pulled out all the necessary items and got to work.
I had already done most of the work.
Even did the beading.
All I had to do was sew the flaps together, fashion a tie and put my sketchbook in it.
Viola! Can you see that cool button? It's so Cool!
It has a face painted on it.

Look at the cool is that?
I used two tee shirts to make it.

This is Green Sewing at its finest.

I even used the arm seams for the wrap!

My Moleskien loves its new home.
Everyone that sees it loves it.
I'm making another one - this one will be my own stencil design.
And I'm going to use blue and white tee shirts.
And khaki colored thread.
But definitely my own drawing for the stencil.
And I'll find another really cool button for the next one too!


Joanne Huffman said...

Very cool book cover. I'm going to not think about my unfinished projects for a few more days.

lori vliegen said...

i'm absolutely crazy over your journal cover!!! you did a fabulous job, carol.....i love the cool button, the wonderful beading, and the orange and white colors!! have fun making the next one....and the next one....

Victoria Bolton said...

Great job! Is there any project that isn't improved with beads? Love your colors, too.