Saturday, June 5, 2010

Goldfinch Collage Page

This is one side of the book page that I am working on.
I used a manila folder (cut to size) plus duck tape plus collage elements to build this page.
The painting of the bird is one that I painted and then printed on some kind of photo paper.
We have an apple tree in our backyard that the Goldfinches love to visit, eat and rest on.
So I used small twigs from that same tree to add to the bottom of the page.
I painted "tuna" cardboard - oh, someone asked about that.
It is a great art supply from the grocery store -
straight from the tuna boxes on aisle 7 (just kiddin', I don't know what aisle they are on).
But they are in the boxes of packaged flaked tuna. Great corrugated cardboard without all the work.
And your local grocer will gladly let you have it!
Even if they do look at you kinda funny when you ask... I did add some type of oriental coin charm thing on the bottom of the page.
I tied it onto the waxed linen that I tied the sticks on the page with.
The page is still functional as a folder.
This is just the way I work -
A light bulb goes off in my head (not too painful and I'm getting used to the glare).
I run to my studio, twigs, paint, fiber, glue, thread, paper flies...
I finish the project and then go back and say things like
"Well, if I did it again, I'd do this different or that..."
You all know how that goes, right?
But I did do one thing differently this time.
Since I knew ahead of time that this would be developed into a class,
I wrote down what I did as I went along!
How cool is that?!
I usually finish up and then try to remember what I did...
that doesn't always work with me...
When I finished the page I took a different colored index card (that's what I was writing on at the time)
and wrote down the things I would do differently next time.
Hopefully I can remember to do this on the next page...
Yeah, yeah, I see all of you shaking your heads - thinking "there is noooo way she will remember to do that..."
Well...I might.


Joanne Huffman said...

Very cool page. I bet it will make a great class.

Robbie said...

very nice and very clever! Repurposing at it's best!

Anonymous said...

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