Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Scraps, Fragments and Artifacts in Saluda NC

I am teaching the above workshop again this month.
This time at Random Arts Studio in Saluda NC.
I'm always excited to teach at Jane's!
The space is just incredible and I love the cozy courtyard out back.
We always sit out there and eat, covered by the cheery overhead umbrellas at the picnic table.
She has really built up a wonderful studio space.

So - let's talk a little bit about the class.
I have done other blog posts on it - talking about what prompted the piece, my thoughts while making it and the lady that inspired it.

My grandmother.

One of her dreams was to be a nurse. She worked at the hospital with the newborn babies but had the deep desire to be a "licensed" nurse.
So, in her mid 50's she did just that!
In going through my mom's things, we found one of my grandma's Bibles.
In that Bible she had written a quote about what being a nurse meant.
I loved reading the words, seeing her handwriting.
I worked as a nurse for many years (in Neonatal ICU) (with the newborn babies too!)
so I really did understand the impact of her words.
I also had one of her watches that she received as a nurse.
I made a small pocket with a scrap of a quilt that she had made.
I attached the watch (which also signifies the time that she took to realize her dream).
I copied the handwritten note, folded it up and placed it inside that tiny pocket.
That is just one of her stories that I included in this piece.
Here is a side view of that pocket with the watch underneath it.

Here is the copy that I made. It says

"I believe that the true virtue , the true calling of the nurse, consists neither in following the doctors orders nor administering prescribed treatments (although she ought to do both conscientiously) but in the true aspect contained in the very name of the profession: To nurse and to nurture, to feed the body and to nurture the soul."

"Health is the first wealth."

I don't know the name of the person that the quote belongs to - my grandma didn't add that.
But isn't it great to have that piece of paper?
To honor her with the artful adornment of it?

Her watch face - all these memories - withstanding the test of our time, but all lost when she was ravaged by Alzheimer's.

Another area of the piece is a pin that was kept by my mom,

one from an Alzheimer's walk.

I made another small pocket out of a piece of sheer fabric

(kept from curtains from mom's house).

I used my mom's embroidery floss and placed a corner

of a snap packet from grandmother's sewing basket,

a piece of a pattern from my grandma's dolls and a corner of one of her lace edged hankies.

You can see the pink lace peeking out in the picture below.

In that same Bible, I found where she had written her family history...

all ghosts by the time the disease had its way with her.

But safely nestled in this tiny pocket.

My grandmother left scraps of her life behind.

Fragments of memories.

Handmade artifacts, used in everyday life.

All treasures to me.

I'd love for you to join us, bring your treasures, your stories.

I've got a small suitcase full of little bits of this and that that I share with the folks that take my class.

I believe that there are a couple of spots left.

Call or email Jane, here, and let her know that you want to join us.

You'll be so glad that you did!


Joanne Huffman said...

If I were anywhere near, I would love to take your class.

MzAshleyQ said...

I love how you used such meaningful pieces in your artworks! I saw from KellyRaeRoberts class that we are both Carolina girls so I wanted to say hi. ;)

BahamaDawn said...

this is an amazing piece! such a fantastic way to keep special items together! thanks for sharing.