Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mr. Barn Owl

I've been busy creating the mixed media fiber collage pieces
as well as taking care of my beloved husband.
He continues to hobble around -
can you image hopping around day after day on one foot?
Imagine doing everything while hobbling around on one foot - and managing the crutches.
He still has 4-6 more weeks in the cast. Then maybe a "walking cast".

I only had three or four paintings (of birds) that I felt were good enough to use as central collage elements.
I wanted to make more pieces of collage work
so I decided that I needed to
Paint More Birds!

I've seen other folks use the same images over and over and that is fine -
I just wanted to have a larger variety I suppose.
Anyway - here is the latest drawing/painting I'm working on.

Mr. Barn Owl.
I drew him on watercolor paper (140 pound).
I have only added large color blocking sections to him...
I have never had any formal painting lessons - or drawing lessons, for that matter.
I suppose I am, what some people would call,
A Born Artist.
I certainly don't mean this in a vain way -
just that this is where I have spent my time.
Yes, that is what is it.
My son is the same way...
A Born Artist.

He has been drawing since he could hold a pencil.
I do wish that he would give me permission to post his artwork here...
but, he is a lot like me - so very private,
so very tough on himself...
but so very talented, that young man is!

You know, drawing/painting is one of those things that people automatically
shy away from.

They will say "Oh, I can't,not me".

But it truly is something that I believe everyone can learn to do.

Yes, it requires time.

And paitience with yourself.

But it can be learned.

You just have to put the practice time in.

If I go a few days without drawing,

I have to use a couple of pages of paper to practice - to get myself loosened up.

Oh, back to Mr. Barn Owl!
I have drawn him in graphite.
And only added some sections of blocks of color.
I added a teeny, tiny section of darker details - but only a tiny bit, mind you.
Later I will begin to layer the details -
bring him to life.
Much like I approach any type of artwork.

Tiny bit by bit.

Mr Barn Owl.


Kelly Warren said...

i love mr. barn owl. and if my husband were hobbling around on crutches, he'd insure everyone else is the house was just a miserable! hope all is well!

Anonymous said...
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