Thursday, September 16, 2010

Post Textile Evolution

What a week I had in Colorado Springs!
I got home last Monday from an awesome teaching experience
at the mixed media fiber art retreat Textile Evolution.
I'm going to try and do another post or two on the retreat later
cause I am right in the middle of getting ready for the "West Greenville Arts Festival" in Greenville SC.
It's this weekend and it's my Very First Art Festival!
I sure hope that you all will come down and visit me...
I've got several pieces of mixed media fiber art and TONS of paintings!
So, I guess that we could call this my
"Coming Out Party"...
coming out of the painting closet, that is.

Back to Tex Evo...
I had two great classes - one was a two day class and the other was a one day class.
All my students completed their projects!
How great is that?
Every time I go to a class (or retreat) I always think that I would love to actually finish something...
I tried to plan the classes so that the participants would be able to finish in class.
It actually worked this time!

I must say that Liz Kettle has done an awesome job planning and running this retreat.
The price is all inclusive (if you stay on campus). It includes room, food and classes.
And the food was fabulous! She had several diet restricted participants
and was able to provide tasty and nutritious food for everyone.
We even had wine, chocolate and ice cream!

What more could you ask for?

I've been invited back next year as well, so I'm really so excited (and blessed) about that.
I made some new friends and got to visit (face to face) with old friends.
My flights went well, with no major delays or bumps.
I'm home - safe and nearly sound.
I'll try to add photos later or tomorrow.

But for now - back to packaging prints, signing paintings, sealing boxes and looking for my pens...
now where did that tape go...?

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Joanne Huffman said...

Wow, you certainly are busy! Your teaching sounds wonderful (I would expect no less) and I bet it goes very well at your art fair. Enjoy it all!