Friday, September 24, 2010

On Dreaming and Working

I've been posting a lot about being brave,
stepping out on faith and believing in yourself.

Today, I'd like to write about the flip side of that...
or where I was a few years ago with my artwork.

If you've read my blog much, you know that I feel I have always been an artist.
I drew when I was young.
I collected bugs, feathers and fabric
and then placed them in a pleasing manner in my own little room.

I learned to sew as a young girl,
usually designing clothes for teddy bears and making tote bags
that I later painted.

As a young adult, I taught myself to crochet,
making elaborate doilies and starched snowflakes for every one's Christmas tree.
When I worked as a RN in Neonatal ICU,
I used to sell handmade gifts to all the staff.
I was both artsy and crafty...
Still am actually.

But there was a part of me that felt I wasn't a "real" artist.
Wonder why?
Cause I never went to art school?
Well, lots of really famous (REALLY famous) artists never went to art school...
So that argument was out.

Well, people might laugh at me.
You know what, people have laughed at me and never seen my artwork.
So that was a moot argument.

Well, they will make fun of me...
They won't like my art.
No one will buy it...

OMG! The list could go on and on and on here!
The truth of it is (and was) that I was afraid...
of several things.
But I decided that I could either hide away at home and never share my work
or teach others to enjoy their creative talents,,,
I could put all those fears, doubts and insecurities behind me and jump in with both feet.

Now, I'll tell you a little (big) secret that REALLY worked for me.
My circle of friends.
My loved ones.
Those whose opinions I really trusted.
I ask them - look at my work.
Honestly tell me what you think of it.
Should I pursue my dream of making, selling and teaching my art?

And thanks to the counsel of my husband, my close friends
and a couple of other artists (in the know),
I made the right decision.

Was it scary?
Oh yeah.
Is it still scary?
Yeah, but not so much.
Is it fun?
Oh yeah!

Truth is, I can't imagine doing anything else.
I've dreamed of this my entire life.
That's a long, long time people...
A long time to sit and dream and not jump into action!

If I could move you to do anything in your life,
it would be to put one foot in front of the other towards a dream that you have.

MAKE it come true.


Mary Stori said...

I hope I'm in the one of those who are 'in the know' are an artist.....a talented artist.....go forward!!

Carol Sloan said...

Mary - you are definitly one of my closest mentors! Our group is my number one counsel.

Joanne Huffman said...

I think the two most liberating things that happened to me were to turn 50 and to define myself as an artist.

Julie Bagamary said...

Proud of you Carol.