Friday, September 17, 2010

Textile Evolution/Colorado Springs

Going back to the retreat that I taught at in Colorado...
I forgot to add a link to the retreat center that we were playing at...I mean working at.
If you go the their website, you can find lots of photos to show you around the place - but I'll add a few of my own for you.
True to nature, I've loaded them backwards from what I really wanted to...and I'm too lazy - too busy- to go back and change them.

All the instructors stayed up at a separate building, so each morning we had a beautiful and inspiring walk (a short one) to the main building.
I really wanted to show the family of deers that ran (almost) right up to Liz and I the first morning - but they will be last in line.
This shot was what I saw behind the building that Judy Gula (from the filled to the brim with goodness store Artistic Artifacts in Virginia). She taught a dyeing class. Her students had the MOST fabulous fabrics to show each day. I do believe that she will be teaching next should grab that class if you want to learn the fast and easy way (or down and dirty) on fabric/fiber dyeing.
Aren't those just great colors?

Here is our group joining back up for dinner one night (probably the first night since my pics are backwards!). The rooms were huge in this place - very well laid out and lots of room to play (work).
Liz set up an inspiration area - provided stamps, dye, inks, pens, fabric, paint, journals, glimmer spray, name - she provided it for everyone!

Here is the mountain that we saw each morning when we walked to the main building - maybe Mount St. Francis?

The building to the right of the photo is the classrooms that Laura Cater Woods and Judy Gula used.

Okay, here is the "Family Photo" from the first morning walk! This mom and two babies came running up to Liz and I.

I was on the telephone with my husband at the time. The scene from that movie where the dad and kids are lost in the woods came to mind - you know, the one where the deer has red glowing eyes and begins to beat the dad up...

Hmmm...well, it was a while back...

"My, what big ears you have"...

Here is a side shot of the building that we slept in - a fabulous rock building.

And look at the texture of the tree bark to the right of the photo!

I got a couple of close ups of that for later use.

Okay - that ends my update for today.

We are packing up for the West Greenville Arts Festival.

There is also the US Cycling Pro Championship in downtown Greenville this weekend.

If you attend that event, be sure to drive another couple of miles to the arts festival.

Booth #26!


wyanne said...

Best of luck on your art show this weekend! I know it will be fantastic!


Joanne Huffman said...

Great photos - no matter what order they're in. It looks like a beautiful place.