Monday, January 10, 2011

Pen, Paper and Ligers

My husband and I drove to Nashville TN this past weekend for the NCAA Umpire Clinic.
He is a college baseball umpire.
I had several hours of riding time to entertain myself (as well as my sweetie!).
I have thought about the "Sketchbook Challenge" quite a bit the last couple of weeks.
Thinking of this month's theme by Jill Berry.
Even though my family is my most highly prized treasure,
I was trying to think of other things that were highly prized.
One of the things we humans tend to prize is animals.
Both domestic and wild.
My thoughts ran to the big cats.
Those big, beautiful cats.
I love to watch them on television.
Read about them.
Look at pictures of them.
So, one of the things that I am drawing in my sketchbook is a Big Cat.
And, in true Callie (my nickname) fashion-
It's probably not going to be a traditional looking lion or tiger but, well, maybe a liger.
Below is the basic drawing that I started with.

Now, notice that it's a very simple little sketch or drawing.
No details, just plain. This is exactly how I begin all my drawings.
Very simple with clean lines.
I begin adding details, dots and lines that appear rather random.
I often use dots as a method to shade. My son (who is an awesome artist) uses a lot of cross hatching. He says that it covers more space and is much quicker than my beloved little dot.
I'm sure he is right, but I sure do love the dot, dot, dot...
Look below to see half of my drawing all detailed.
All tricked out.

Just for comparison sake, here is the entire page of the sketchbook. I've left space at the top of the page to do more drawing or to write...
maybe I'll finish the entire drawing...
maybe not.

I have another post going up on the "Sketchbook Challenge" tomorrow.
Be sure and check in at the site everyday!
We have another artist interview up today.
I don't have her book but am planning on checking it out after reading the interview.
I hope that you all are doing well.
We're back home (Piedmont SC) with about 7 inches of fluffy snow.


Robbie said...

VERY cool!!

Sue Bleiweiss said...

you will love Cas' book Carol. Love the cat!

Joanne Huffman said...

I love your sketches (including the dot, dot, dot...). Your liger is very creative and full of character. I like that he's half basic and half ornamental (sort of makes a statement about many of us). Enjoy the snow.

Anonymous said...

I love the clean lines of your drawing and then how you create texture with the simple dot. I'm more of a dot person myself. This is inspiring me to take the Sketchbook challenge. I just need to give myself the time to sign up etc.,

Maxi Fortend said...

Really loved how you brought us along in the post - so cool the 1/2 and 1/2 comparison! Your blog is new to me, so I will be enjoying my morning coffee as I poke around! Thanks for posting!