Thursday, March 17, 2011

Making Books With Painted Art Papers

I've been making samples for a book class that I have coming up next week  in Asheville NC.
I use scraps of watercolor paper that I added layers and layers of paint on.
I love making these papers to use in my artwork.

This is what I did with the papers from my last post...
I made the book covers out of them.

And here's a shot of a couple of pages that I have sewn inside the book.

Not all of the pages are painted at this point. I usually keep these small books to the side of my work table and as I have extra paint (or ink) left over at the end of a work session, I smear them onto one of the pages in whichever book I grab first.

You could say that my studio is spilling over with painted papers.


Colette said...

I love this Carol. It's inspired me to have a go too. I'm from Australia.

~Rasz~ said...

Carol this is great! I have been making my art from old book covers and this just inspires me. How did you bind your pages in? I need to travel back east and take one of your classes. You are so talented.