Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Book Makers

It's always thrilling to see the finished work of people that take my classes.

The "Pink Book" class that I taught in Asheville last week has ignited a fire for book making.

Today I am honored to show you the work of Catherine Langsdorf.
Catherine is a freelanch calligrapher that lives in Asheville NC.
I am in awe of her calligraphy skills as well as
 her watercolor painting (yes, she did paint the Egret on the front of her book!).

 She has a fantastic eye for color !
She collaged small bits of tissue paper on the front of her cover
to give it more dimension and interest.

 She found a piece of fabric that had her (maiden name) initial on it
in a pile of goodies that I brought to share -
the perfect color too!

 I love the way that she has added personal touches to the book.

and make sure you bookmark it for all of your calligraphy needs.

1 comment:

Joe & Denise said...

Catherine's watery colors were perfect with her sketch. Love this book.
Denise in WNC